Jurassic Park: The Game Full Access Preview

Be honest: you didn't know what to think when Telltale announced that they were making a Jurassic Park game. What would it be, a funny point-and-click adventure? A first-person shooter? How could the Jurassic Park experience be translated into a videogame by the people who made Sam & Max games? If you're still confused you should check out the Full Access Preview we did with some of the games' developers, which gives a good look into what you can expect from the game when it releases later this month.

Early in the development, Telltale said the game would be more like Heavy Rain than it was like their other adventure titles, and that comparison seems to be on point. Controlling different characters as they encounter different dangerous dinosaurs in familiar places looks to be a good deal of fun, and we're looking forward to getting a chance to play it ourselves in the coming weeks. So far the characters seem likeable, and the gameplay looks like it might be a blast.

And if the characters aren't likeable, and if the gameplay isn't a blast, you're still going to be seeing the unlikable characters be eaten by dinosaurs, so at least there will be that, right?

Hollander Cooper

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