Judgment PS5 and Xbox Series X release date set for April

The Judgment PS5 and Xbox Series X versions have a release date, bringing the Yakuza spinoff that puts you on the other side of the law, sort of, to the next generation.

Judgment will hit the new-gen consoles, including Xbox Series S and google Stadia, on April 23. It will arrive at a reduced price of $39.99 compared to its initial launch on PS4 in 2019 - speaking of which, it will also be the first time you'll be able to play Judgment on a non-PlayStation platform. Though the Yakuza series has steadily made its way to PC over the last few years, culminating with the simultaneous release date of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, it looks like Sega isn't sharing any plans for a Judgment PC version at the moment.

According to Sega, the new version of Judgment will feature "refined visuals" that run at 60 frames per second, and will also significantly reduce load times. While Sega didn't mention any new content coming for the updated version, it will bundle in all of the original game's DLC packs, which add some new office decorations, powerful weapons, and new dating options.

Judgment was created by the same studio behind the Yakuza franchise, taking place between the end of principled ex-mobster Kazuma Kiryu's story in Yakuza 6 and the beginning of principled ex-mobster Ichiban Kasuga's in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Its main character is a disgraced lawyer turned private detective who is suspiciously good at fighting like a dozen guys at once - while Judgment doesn't stray far from the Yakuza formula, it tells an engaging story of its own (and plays a mean game of darts).

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