JRPG completionists beware: You can miss out on a ton of Persona 3 Reload content if you don't trigger the new story scenes ASAP

Persona 3 Reload
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Atlus advises you tackle Persona 3 Reload's new Link Episodes ASAP, lest you miss out on a bunch of story-driven content in the upcoming remake.

Some much-needed context: Atlus is adding a heap of new content to Persona 3 Reload in the form of character-focused scenes called Link Episodes, but it turns out they're all time-limited, and if you miss a character's first episode you'll lose access to all that character's subsequent bonus scenes.

"While you can proceed with a Social Link at any time, Link Episodes trigger as you progress through the main story, and if you spend time with a character during a [Link Episode], the next episode will be available later," producer Ryota Niitsuma told Famitsu (thanks, Noisy Pixel, for the translation).

"However, if you miss the first episode period, you will not be able to see the subsequent episodes, so it is recommended that you meet with the character as soon as they contact you."

Link Episodes sound a lot like mini versions of Social Links - referred to as Confidants in Persona 5 - a gameplay mechanic that ties the social aspects of the game in with the combat in the form of Arcanas, which can be created by forming bonds with certain characters. 

Like the original Persona 3, Reload's male characters don't have Social Links, so Atlus is opting to compensate with these new Link Episodes to flesh out those characters. And like Social Links, Link Episodes "will enhance stats and unlock special Persona fusions."

Persona 3 Reload hits PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC on February 2, 2024.

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