Persona 3 Reload has turned me into a JRPG fan

Persona 3 Reload preview - SEES members
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I've never been a fan of anime games, but Persona 3 Reload did a great job of making me eat those words. Having sunk a solid 10 hours into Persona 3 Portable on Xbox Game Pass in preparation for Gamescom 2023, I was already feeling more fond of Junpei, Mitsuru, and the rest of SEES than I feel comfortable admitting.

Persona 3 Reload combines the classic charm of the original with the slick UI, splashy animations, and fixed camera angles as popularized by Persona 5 Royal. This much I'd been expecting. It wasn't until I sat down to play Persona 3 Reload for myself, though, that I truly embraced the fact that I was playing a JRPG and having an absolute blast with it.

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Persona 3 Reload

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Gamescom 2023


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Developer Atlus's upcoming remake of its classic PS2 game already sounded impressive, but playing it myself was something else. The visual novel meets point-and-click adventure stylings of Persona 3 Portable have been largely scrapped, but its classic blue and white colour palette remains. The game also retains the on-screen dialogue, which pops up while having conversations with characters around you.

The Gamescom preview session is split in two: the first section, called New Moon, takes me through another night in Tartarus; while Full Moon features the first big boss battle in Persona 3 Reload. I've never played the original Persona 3, so getting to experience proper animations while running around the dark halls of Tartarus is a treat. It's something I enjoyed a lot while playing the first five or so hours of Persona 5 Royal, but I was relieved not to see P5's edgy black and white font busying up the screen during boss battles in favor of a much cleaner blue and white aesthetic.

Combat feels just as slick as I remember from Persona 3 Portable, except this time, the graphics are that much more impressive. It's a morbid little detail, but I'm pleased to see the rather taboo evoker moves return for P3R: one by one, the playable heroes shoot themselves in the head to summon their personas in the heat of battle. It's something I was concerned might get cut from Reload, but thankfully, the game's modernization doesn't sacrifice its idiosyncratic charm.

Persona 3 Reload

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After playing a few rounds in Tartarus and reacquainting myself with Persona's unique take on turn-based combat, I load into the second half of my demo session. It sees protagonist Makoto Yuki and his fellow SEES members exploring a deserted monorail during Dark Hour, all the humans on board transformed into inanimate coffins. Running through the train in proper animated style feels great in Persona 3 Reload, as does watching the full cutscenes splicing together the action. This first boss battle is a little tougher than I remembered – possibly because I only have access to starter persona Orpheus instead of my own creations – but with a clever mix of abilities and melee attacks, I bring down the Priestess guardian with my crew.

From what I've played of Persona 3 Reload, it feels like a faithful, polished remake that will appeal to newer and long-time fans alike. One errant bone I have to pick is that Atlus has decided to remove the option to play as a female protagonist, something that washed very well with its audience when it was added to Persona 3 Portable. Still, as the male protagonist now officially has a name, the lack of a female option at least makes some canonic sense.

If, like me, you're a bit of a late bloomer to the whole Persona series, Reload could be an excellent place to start. It's well-paced, beautifully animated, and packed with plenty of challenges along the way to help get you familiar with the series' unique blend of social RPG and turn-based monster battles. Persona 3 Reload certainly sold me on JRPGs after a lifetime of living in the dark, but I'll hold off on finishing past entries until Reload launches early next year.

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