Journey's coming to PS4 in 1080p this summer

The PS4 version of Journey will release this summer as a solo downloadable and as part of a multipack with the PS4 versions of Fl0w and Flower, Sony has announced. If you played the original Journey on PS3, you'll probably be pleased to know that it runs at a steady 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution on PS4 - and that those are the only (externally apparent) changes to Thatgamecompany's acclaimed work.

PS4 updates of Fl0w and Flower are already available on the PlayStation Store, and they're free if you previously purchased their PS3 or PS Vita versions. Sony hasn't specified whether the same will be true of Journey's downloadable copy.

Meanwhile, the Fl0w, Flower, and Journey pack sounds a lot like a a PS4 version of the Journey Collector's Edition, which bundled the trio together with commentaries, video documentaries, and mini-games from Thatgamecompany on a single disc. It's not clear whether the PS4 bundle will include similar bonus features.

Aside from smoother visuals, Journey uses subtle online multiplayer to powerful effect, so the PS4 re-release should be a second chance to experience one of the best games ever at its well-populated prime.

Connor Sheridan

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