Joseph Morgan compares playing Vampire Diaries' Klaus to Titans' Brother Blood

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Brother Blood is coming. The supervillain will appear in the next season of HBO Max's Titans series, played by Joseph Morgan. And yes, Morgan has seen you comparing his upcoming role to his part in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals as Klaus. Speaking to SFX in the new issue of the magazine, featuring Willow on the cover, the actor discusses the two roles and what to expect from Titans. Here's a snippet of the Q&A.

SFX: The Vampire Diaries community labeled Brother Blood as Klaus 2.0. How conscious were you about making these two characters completely opposite?

Morgan: It sort of happens naturally, especially where he starts. I knew I wanted to play this guy as an outcast, a guy who has been cast aside by society. That sort of lent itself to someone who is timid, which is the opposite of Klaus.

There doesn’t seem to be any escaping "blood", either. The irony surely can’t be lost on you?

When I got the call and they said, "Okay, they are really interested in you for Titans," I thought "Oh good, that’s a great show." "And it’s for one of the villains." I thought, "Okay, that’s on-brand." They said, "His name’s Brother Blood." "I’m seeing the dots." It’s really become something else.

You receive a costume towards the end of the season. What were your thoughts on that?

I love what they came up with. It’s very different to anything in Titans. There’s an ancient quality to it, where a lot of the super-suits are very modern and slick looking. I liken this more to a suit of armor. There is a feel to it that dates back centuries, which I guess is also a reference to the character. It was generational, where he would commit patricide to take on the powers and become the new Brother Blood. It’s sort of a nod to that. They came up with a whole language, which are letters that were designed like capillaries of blood. They came up with this thing that looks like Sanskrit, but it’s this completely original language. Then, because this language is over my costume, they allowed me to decide on a couple of the phrases. So, there’s a couple of Easter eggs in there with the costume.

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