Join Jeff Goldblum for exclusive Jurassic World Evolution 2 footage

Despite understanding that the ooohs and aaahs always come before endless running and screaming, Dr Ian Malcolm himself, Jeff Goldblum, politely agreed to join the Future Games Show on a tour of Jurassic World Evolution 2. On this exclusive tour - with no expense spared, of course - we get a chance to see new dinosaurs, a whole new environment, and even rain for the first time.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 now features air- and water-dwelling dinosaurs, bringing even more potential carnage to your perfect theme park. Anyone who has seen the gory conclusion to Jurassic World knows exactly how much damage Pteranodons and other flying dinosaurs can do if unleashed, so believe us when we say your TripAdvisor score might never recover if these things get out. In the video we see Cearadactylus for the first time in the game, as well as the underwater Ichthyosaurus, both of whom - just like the other dinosaurs in your park - will need perfect habitats in order to keep them happy. 

As well as a single player campaign with a new story to match the dinosaur-packed universe of the movies, Jurassic World Evolution 2 also features what Frontier Developments is calling Chaos Theory Mode. This is an experience where you can play through key moments from the movies to see if you'd fare any better than John Hammond and co. If the raptors have anything to do with it, we’re guessing probably not, but it will still be fun to try…

Can't wait for more dino action? Here's our Jurassic World Evolution 2 preview to tide you over.

Louise Blain

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