John McTiernan says Run..

Someone really, really needs to take Lord Of The Rings’ Karl Urban aside and ask him just what the hell he’s been doing with his career. Possibly with a cloth sack and a sock full of change. Because some of his recent career choices have been… how to put it delicately? Really, really shit.

The Bourne Supremacy was great, but after the likes of Pathfinder and Doom, he must be hoping that his next job will offer a little more quality.

He’s hitching his wagon to John McTiernan, who was responsible for Die Hard, but hasn’t made a movie since 2003’s dodgy Basic.

Still, Run sounds vaguely promising: it’ll find Urban as an Interpol agent who discovers a fraud conspiracy while chasing down a murder suspect.

According to Variety, the script boasts 100 pages of car chases. So they’ll need a few motors, then.

Both director and actor will be hoping it’ll turn out to be another Bourne-style hit, so expect plenty of crossed fingers when they start shooting this August.