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John Krasinski conducts Brief Interviews With Hideous Men

John Krasinski’s day job is playing likeable everyman Jim in the American version of The Office. But despite the hectic schedule of making a US network TV show he’s been finding time to not only shoot rom com License To Wed with Robin Williams, but also write and prepare to direct an adaptation of David Foster Wallace’s novel Brief Interviews With Hideous Men.

It doesn’t sound like a natural fit for a film – the book is comprised of 22 fictional interviews with men talking about their relationships with women. While it’s primarily a comedy, the book is notable for layering in a palpable level of tension as the interviewees become proportionally more boorish and unlikeable as sexual politics are explored. Yup, sounds like a killer concept for a scathing laugh-fest to us.

The plan is to shoot the movie in five weeks around America’s Northeast this November, presumably when Krasinski has time off from The Office. No word yet on who will star.