JJ Abrams confirmed as Star Trek's new director

He’s been umming and erring, dancing round the issue and refusing to say for sure, but now it looks like JJ Abrams hand has been forced: Lost is indeed going nowhere. Oh, wait, no, Star Trek.

While it’s long been known that the M:I:III director had signed to produce a new Star Trek film for Paramount, and it had been assumed for just as long that he’d slip into the captain’s directing chair. But Abrams hasn’t said for sure if he’s going to do anything more than consult on the script.

But now Viacom chief Philippe Dauman has confirmed the news to Variety, describing Abrams as the director, and hinting at a 2009 release date for the film. M:I:III co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are already hard at work on the script with Abrams, though Dauman had no details on what the film might offer, beyond “revitalising trek in a new and interesting way.” Which we take to mean he’s seen the script pages so far, but Abrams and crew installed a mind-controlling desert worm in his ear to make sure he doesn’t spill any juicy details. And that gag goes out to all you fans of Star Trek II, who are desperately hoping that Abrams good creative mojo will make this a decent entry in the Star Trek canon. Which is something that’s been needed for a looong time.

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