Jeff Nathanson to pen Speilberg's 39 Clues

DreamWorks has confirmed that Jeff Nathanson will write a screenplay based on The 39 Clues, with Spielberg himself looking to direct.

The 39 Clues is a series of upcoming adventure books, the first of which – named The Maze of Bones – is scheduled to be published next week.

The plot centres on two children tasked by their dying grandmother with discovering the secret of their family power. They are given 39 clues to guide them in their quest.

Readers can interact with the books and solve puzzles included inside the story. Both an online game and a trading card will also be available, allowing readers the chance to compete for prizes. We’re not entirely sure how a movie would fit into this cross-media extravaganza, but a popular kid’s movie is exactly the sort of thing Speilberg used to do with his eyes closed. Or in the case of E.T, in drag.

Jeff Nathanson previously penned The Terminal and Catch Me If You Can for Spielberg, and also contributed to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.