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Jaws Unleashed in full flow

Jaws Unleashed(WMV, 11.6MB)

Tuesday 23 May 2006
We've managed to fish out a new trailer of THQ's Jaws Unleashed - due for release for PS2, Xbox and PC in July - the underwater action game where you take control of the killer shark.

The game's story mode is spread across 10 different environments and has Chief Brody's son Michael attempting to capture Jaws. On the other hand the killing machine under your control has to create havoc in the water by attacking swimmers and making use of the game's dismemberment engine.

If you haven't seen this game in action before then make sure you do so now, as there's no more impressive sight than a large great white tearing a killer whale in half while somersaulting in the air. It's like the ending that Free Willy never had.