Jason Statham stars in new Hummingbird trailer: watch now

The trailer for Jason Statham's hard-hitting drama Hummingbird has been released.

Jason Statham ( Parker , The Expendables ) stars as Joey, a washout looking to turn his life around after getting trapped in London's criminal underworld. He begins to assume another man's identity and goes back to 'work' to avenge those who betrayed him. Vicky McClure ( This is England '86 ), Agata Buzek ( The Reverse ) and Benedict Wong ( Prometheus ) co-star.

Our hero is hardly recognisable in the start of the trailer, mainly because he has hair. This quickly goes, however, and what remains is that tough guy we know and love, making hardcore Statham fans rest a little easier.

Steven Knight ( Dirty Pretty Things ) makes his directorial debut filming his own script in what appears to be a drama with a lot of punch-ups. It looks brutal from the word go, but knowing Statham, that's probably stating the obvious.

Watch the Hummingbird trailer online now:

Hummingbird hits the UK on 17 May 2013.