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Jared Leto could play Lestat in Interview with a Vampire remake

If you're interested in any new news concerning the Interview with the Vampire reboot, it might be an idea to start following Josh Boone on social media.

Last week The Fault In Our Stars director confirmed his involvement with an Instagram post of the screenplay's title page, and he's followed that up by announcing who he'd like to play his Lestat - Jared Leto.

Check out Boone's tweet below...

Leto has made headlines lately for his crazy method acting antics while on the Suicide Squad set, and I can only imagine what would happen if he brings that mindset to a movie in which he plays a vampire. There's no denying he is a very talented (and Oscar-winning) actor though, and it's easy to see why Boone is keen on casting him. Hopefully we'll get some definitive news on this one soon. 

Images: Warner Bros.

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