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James McAvoy talks X-Men: Days Of Future Past

James McAvoy has been discussing his reprisal of Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men: Days Of Future Past , and has also revealed that he will be returning for X-Men: Apocalypse .

Red Carpet News TV reports that McAvoy confirmed he is contracted to appear in one more X-film after this one, before going on to wax lyrical about the pleasure of playing the character.

"The personal pleasure for me in First Class was in presenting a Charles Xavier to the fans – but also a new audience – who’s very different from the Charles that you expected," says McAvoy.

"In the second movie, I get to present another version of Charles Xavier who’s still very different from the Charles that used to exist, but he’s also remarkably different from the Charles in First Class as well.

"So the Charles in this film is unrecognisable from the Charles in the last film as well as unrecognisable from the Charles played by Patrick Stewart, who I then get to face up to.

"It’s like we’re playing a game with the audience saying, ‘Look at the many faces of Charles-Patrick-Stewart-Xavier-McAvoy. It’s really good fun."

X-Men: Days Of Future Past will open in the UK on 22 May 2014.

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