James Franco and Lenny Kravitz duel in Guitar Hero Live trailer

Universes collide as Katniss Everdeen's fashion expert and Harry Osborne play the upcoming Guitar Hero Live. At least, that's the way I'm looking at this new Guitar Hero Live trailer starring Lenny Kravitz and James Franco. It's actually kinda funny and cute in a way:

I'm glad this commercial shows just two friends hanging out, and the jokes they sling (particularly Franco's bit about Kravitz keeping it in his pants) are funny. So often we get cinematic trailers or strung-together nonsense, trying to bombard us with "LOL so random" humor, that the marketing misses what makes the game fun. So, even if this scenario of two everyday friends is conveyed by using two Hollywood celebrities, it feels a bit more genuine. Although, I must say, at the same time it seems a little ... plain. Hmm. Marketing is hard.

Guitar Hero Live will be out for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U on October 20.

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Sam Prell

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