James Cameron invites us into his Sanctum

James Cameron just can’t stay away from the sea. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the man has salt water running through his veins (as opposed to the pure, cold adrenaline we all assume is there) with the news that he’s going to produce and re-write a drama called James Cameron’s Sanctum.

He won’t be picking up the megaphone and throwing it at anyone, though. The actual directing will be done by Gary Johnstone, who’s worked with Cameron on some of his previous diving-based documentaries.

Sanctum, however, is all drama, with Cameron and John Garvin penning a screenplay about a family diving team who are about to embark on their biggest job yet – heading into uncharted depths. Anyone who’s seen The Abyss will surely guess what happens next. Yup, all hell breaks loose…

Rogue Pictures are putting up the cash and Johnstone will be switching on the high-definition 3-D cameras next spring. Cameron – who’s busy on Avatar and Battle Angel Alita – will be dropping by the set occasionally to scream abuse at random crew members.