Jade Raymond-led studio is reportedly developing a live service PlayStation game

Jade Raymond
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The Jade Raymond-led Haven Entertainment will reportedly be making an online live service game for PlayStation consoles.

This new information comes by way of Italian publication Multiplayer.IT earlier today on July 21 (and was first picked up on by VGC). According to the Italy-based outlet, this new information comes from recruiters working with Haven Entertainment, who is recruiting for an online games-as-a-service title.

This is the first new information about the game from Haven Entertainment since the studio was first established earlier this year in 2021. Established by Raymond in the aftermath of her departure from Google under the Stadia umbrella, Haven Entertainment was immediately signed to a publishing deal by Sony, to develop games exclusively for PlayStation platforms.

Raymond has had an incredibly storied history in the games industry over the last decade. After playing a key role in developing the original Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs games at Ubisoft, Raymond departed the company in 2014 to work with Amy Hennig on a Star Wars game at the EA-owned Visceral Games.

However, Visceral would be infamously shuttered a few years later in 2017, with the Hennig-led game, dubbed Project Ragtag, being immediately canceled. In the aftermath of this closure, Raymond would join Google to help spearhead their foray into the games industry space with Google Stadia, but would again be out of work when Google suddenly closed down its internal games push in February earlier this year.

One month later in March 2021, Raymond announced the founding of Haven Entertainment in Montreal. The establishing of the new studio was actually announced through a PlayStation Blog post, in which Raymond announced that she'd signed a deal with Sony to develop a game based on a brand new IP exclusively for PlayStation platforms. 

"Today I’m announcing Haven, an independent studio where many of the talented game developers I have worked with for years (and love dearly!) are coming together to do what we are most passionate about," read the post from Raymond. "It’s time for us to refocus on GAMES in a place where we can practice our crafts without any barriers or impediments. We want to create worlds where players can escape, have fun, express themselves, and find community."

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