Iwata named Next Generation's man of the year

Dec 20, 2007

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has been named the year's most important individual in Next Generation's Top 25 People of 2007 list.

Iwata beat out Activision president Robert Kotick, BioShock mastermind Ken Levine and Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopoulos to the top spot.

Even Ubisoft's Jade Raymond makes it somewhere down the bottom of the list.

Above: "Better luck next year, losers! HA!"

"The story of 2007 was for all intents and purposes the story of Nintendo," say our writing cousins at Next Generation. "It was the story of Satoru Iwata, a man Barron's listed as one of the world's best CEOs, and how he led his company back to market leadership. He is the obvious choice for Next-Gen's person of the year."

You can read the entire list here.

Courtesy of CVG