It's Tosin (and his new love interest Kime) vs the Abomination in Wakanda #4

Wakanda #4 art
Wakanda #4 art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The Abomination may be reformed in the MCU, but he's still up to old villainous tricks in Marvel comic books, and he'll making his way to Wakanda in January to attack (what else?) a Vibranium mine.  

And that means while Black Panther is in exile, the new Wakandan hero Tosin along with the even newer Wakandan hero Kime (also Tosin's love interest) have to save the day. 

Wakanda #4 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

It all takes place in the main story of January's Wakanda #4, the fourth of the five-issue anthology series spinning out of writer John Ridley's current run on the main Black Panther title that fills in the gaps of what's going on back in T'Challa's homeland while he's in exile.

The story is written by Ridley, who created Tosin for the main Black Panther title, and illustrated by Julian Shaw (with a Tosin cover by Mateus Manhanini).

"Forbidden romance and a dark prophecy loom," says Marvel in a story about what it means to be a true hero, as Tosin strives to over the pressure of protecting Wakanda while trying to build a life for himself.

Part of that "dark prophecy" might involve the new character Kime, who will appear in upcoming issues of Black Panther. By the looks of the following first look pages, Kime appears to be a magic user, or at least like Tosin, uses Vibranium in unusual ways. 

For those not already in the know, Tosin Oduye is a Wakandan of the Marube tribe, who shun the use of Wakandan Vibranium technology, instead developing a spiritual relationship with the unique metalloid. Tosin himself, who was introduced in the most recent Black Panther #1 back in January, has Vibranium tattoos, which provide him with an array of unique abilities including Vibranium skin and energy manipulation.

Wakanda #4 goes on sale January 18.

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