"It's showtime a-holes!" Here's everything you missed in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Comic Con trailer

As expected Marvel debuted the first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at San Diego Comic Con, and as expected, they won't be releasing it online any time soon. If you were in Hall H and saw it, awesome. If you weren't, I've got your back. Here's a description of the trailer in all its glory including quotes, new characters, and more. If you want to wait for the trailer to be released officially to enjoy it, look away now. For everyone else, read on.

The scene opens on a planet we’ve never seen before, golden globes sit in a circle around our Guardians and as we get closer we see Quill, Gamora, and Drax getting ready for an attack. Gamora locks and loads her gun, and Quill asks: “Is that a rifle?” 

“You don’t know what a rifle looks like?” she says. “No, I just… I thought your thing was a sword.” He replies. “We’ve been hired to stop an interdimensional beast and I’m going to stop it with a sword?” The camera turns from Gamora’s sarcastic expression to a sulky Quill who mutters: “Don’t look at me like I’m an idiot, you’re the one being inconsistent.” 

That’s when some sort of portal opens up in the sky and tentacles come bursting through showing what looks like a giant squid-like creature - presumably the interdimensional beast. Quill’s face says it all and my first thought is, how are they going to take that down? By screaming: “It’s showtime a-holes!” And running at the beast, that’s how. 

We’re then introduced to Elizabeth Debicki’s character. Composed of gold and light, Ayesha is the leader of a species we haven’t seen before called ‘The Sovereign People’. She’s hiring the Guardians for some help (maybe with an interdimensional beast?) and Star-Lord warns his companions that they’re easily offended and they should watch what they say to them or suffer the consequences. Obviously, the first thing Rocket does is insult them: “They told me you people were conceited douche bags”.

After a few actions shots, we see Karen Gillan's Nebula presented to Gamora as a prisoner, and a super quick shot of Sylvester Stallone, before the Guardians are on the run again. Quill implies that it's thanks to Rocket’s bad behaviour, calling him a stupid raccoon, but Rocket takes offence so he changes it to ‘trash panda’. “Is that better?” Rocket asks Drax. “It’s worse. It’s so much worse” Quill whispers giggling to himself. 

Again we get more actions shots, this time with the camera focusing in on each member of the Guardians with their names across the screen giving them a moment in the spotlight. Finally, what looks like a giant glowing bean floats down from the sky and lands in front of the Guardians. We hear a voice: “After all these years I’ve found you.” Quill looks shocked. “Who the hell are you?” He asks. “Figured my rugged good looks would make that obvious.” Replies Kurt Russell. The crowd knows what’s coming. “I’m Ego. And I’m your Dad, Peter.”

After that expected, but nonetheless exciting revelation, the Guardians join Ego (and his companion Mantis, played by Pom Klementieff) on his ship where he explains he created a body for himself by “imagining what biological life to be like down to the most minute detail,” implying that Quill’s Dad is a species of alien completely different to Terrans, or as Drax puts it - “a floating bean”. And just in case we were at risk of forgetting we were watching a Guardians movie, Drax breaks the tension with a dick joke: “Did you create a penis?”

You might have noticed that there wasn't much mention of Groot in the trailer. That's because he didn't feature a lot - presumably because he's still baby Groot in the sequel and not much of a warrior... yet - but James Gunn more than made up for it by releasing a clip which focused on the little guy. 

It also hasn't been released to the public, but it starts with the ravagers turning on Yondu and Rocket and throwing them in cell, telling them they’ll be delivered to the Kree in the morning. They don’t kill baby Groot though because he’s just too damn adorable, giving him the opportunity to help his friends escape. Yondu tells Groot about a prototype fin in his Captain’s quarters.

Groot does his best to find it and comes back with… underwear. No, that’s not right, Yondu tells him. Groot tries again and brings back a severed toe. Yep, a real severed toe. Then it’s one of the crew’s fake eye (which Rocket certainly enjoys), and a desk, before Groot finally delivers a new red fin for Yondu.

Rocket attaches it and it looks badass. They attract the attention of the guards and Yondu takes care of them with no trouble using his new fin and arrow - which leaves a bright red glow wherever it travels. They escape and we’re treated to a slow-mo action sequence (complete with appropriate music) of Yondu killing everyone on the ship. 

Bodies fall from bridges, bad guys flop to the floor, baby Groot chases the ravagers, and the three of them walk out of the ship together. Bad. Ass. 

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