Its chocks away for Storm of War: Battle of Britain

Friday 12 May 2006
Maddox Games, best know for serious sims such as Pacific Fighters, has announced that its next game will be the first in a fighting franchise and fly in under the name Storm of War: Battle of Britain.

Set during the dark days of 1940-41, when the Fighter Command confronted the Luftwaffe, players will take to the skies over our fair isles and fly through a variety of historically accurate missions in solo, online and cooperative missions. Battle of Britain will also include a state-of-the-art flight simulator model, scalable gameplay, a new 3D engine and improved damage technology.

Above: Storm of War 'guarantees a thrilling ride' for flight sim fans

With such illustrious games as IL-2 Sturmovik in Ubisoft's back catalogue, the Storm of War series is bound to cause plenty of interest, although few people are likely to get quite as excited as chief gusher Tony Kee, vice president of marketing for North America at Ubisoft: "Storm of War: Battle of Britain guarantees a thrilling ride; it is the genuine heir to flight simulator hall-of-famer IL-2."

Indeed, thanks Tony. We'll being making 'nee-ow-ner' noises all the way over to Ubisoft's South Hall stand in the near future so don't be surprised if we are back here very soon carpet-bombing the place with explosive facts. Over.