It looks like more The Last of Us Part 1 footage has leaked online

The Last of Us Part 1
(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

More The Last of Us Part 1 footage has found its way online ahead of the game's launch next month.

Back in 2013, we were treated to one of gaming's most memorable and moving stories when the Last of Us hit shelves. Now, nearly a decade later, you can relive Joel and Ellie's gut-wrenching struggle for survival with the upcoming PS5 remake. The Last of Us Part 1 has been plagued by leaks, the latest one (thanks VCG) gives us a glimpse of the updated version of one of the game's most poignant moments. 

The video (shared on imgur) contains spoilers, so if you didn't play it the first time around, or you'd rather not be reminded of key events, then don't follow the link. It doesn't contain any gameplay; instead, it shows the incredibly tense cutscene involving brothers Henry and Sam. As with the rest of what we've seen so far from the remake, this leaked footage showcases more realistic character models and better lightning thanks to the power of Sony's shiny next-gen console. It's unknown who's behind this latest leak, but their actions won't have gone down well with Naughty Dog.

Another recent leak gave us our "most up to date" look at the game in action with images and videos showing everything from cutscenes and combat to the controller set-up screen and accessibility options. The remake's lofty $70 price tag has some fans questioning whether it's too much to pay for a game they've already purchased twice before, but the developer has denied that it's "just a cash grab". Animator Robert Morrison, responded to the criticisms, describing The Last of Us remake as "the most meticulously built and crafted project that I have ever seen or been a part of in my entire career."

There's no denying The Last of Us Part 1 looks simply stunning, and last month, Naughty Dog announced that the game has gone gold, meaning it's all ready to be shipped on September 2. How many more leaks we'll see before then is anyone's guess.

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