Is Classic Who Scriptwriter Working On Torchwood?

Andrew Cartmel, the script editor for Doctor Who during the Sylvester McCoy years, is writing a script for the fourth season of Torchwood, according to a CV posted on his agent’s website .

It claims he's working on a script called "The Jinx".

Hold on a sec. Torchwood season four? Has that been confirmed? Officially no. And you'd have thought the fate of the series might be tied in to the success of the Children Of Earth mini-series next week. At least, that’s what executive producer Russell T Davies told the British press at a screening of the mini-series’ first episode in mid June.

Then again, it's not rare for script to be commissioned in advance, and he also said that the fourth season was "ready and waiting", which suggests preliminary work is underway.

Also, digging into the archives, a post on Outpost Gallifrey two years ago stated: "Andrew Cartmel gave a lecture to our Screenwriters class… and revealed he is currently writing an episode for season two of Torchwood." So maybe it's just a script that's been hanging around for a while in Russell’s filing cabinet, and the agent’s hopeful it might get used one day (you can’t blame an agent for bigging up a client).

Then again, it could all be a misprint, and he's actually working on a BBC audio drama or something.

If he is writing for Torchwood on TV, then he's an interesting choice, certain to stir up website forums. He tenure on the show is divisive to say the least, with some fans keen on the fact that he was carefully crafting a new mythos for the show, and pointing out that at least two stories under his reign were classics, while others simply associate him with the dying days of the show, and part of the reason it was canned. Which makes the title of his Torchwood episode somewhat ironic.

Anyway, file under… hmmmmm...

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