Is this The Dark Knight sequel youll never see?

When talking about the sequel to The Dark Knight, it’s obviously a case of when , not if . How that sequel will shape up is really the important question, particularly given the inevitable absence of what looked set to be the series’ first recurring villain - The Joker.

Ledger’s interpretation of the iconic figure will sadly never grace cinema screens again, but it will no doubt live on in countless spin-offs and tributes. First out of the gate is DC Comics’ Joker, with its central character owing more than a nod to the late actor.

Written by Lex Luthor: Man of Steel scribes Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo, the comic book follows The Joker as he vows to take back the city of Gotham from the mobsters, villains and thugs who are fighting over the spoils of crime.

A preview has been posted on MySpace , and you can get a preview of the preview by taking a look in our gallery.