Is Madden 09 too noob-friendly?

Meanwhile, there are a whole batch of features and updates that are pure fan service for the dedicated Madden professionals, but should also sweeten the pot for noobs thinking about taking the plunge.

Online Leagues
Long desired by Madden fans, online leagues are finally here. Now 32 teams can compete online all the way to playoffs and championship games. Fortunately, you can play in any order instead of waiting around for your next opponent to have some free time.

Fantasy Football
Made for the truly committed, you can now conduct your fantasy drafts in-game and play with a custom team comprised of your dream players.

PS3/360 Equality
There was outcry last year when it was revealed that Madden on 360 had superior display and frames per second output compared to the PS3 version. This year there will be parity between the systems, as the PS3 and 360 games will look almost identical. At least that’s what the publisher tells us.

20th Anniversary Edition
Madden (the game, not the man) turns twenty this year, and to celebrate there will be a special edition of the game that sells an extra $30. The 20th Anniversary Edition includes this year’s version of Head Coach (the ultra-sim that failed to wow last year), an old version of Madden with current rosters, and a slew of other minor swag.

Coming to Xbox
We can confirm that Madden 09 is coming out on the Xbox. The first Xbox. No, really. Microsoft might have buried it long ago, but for those unlucky souls who are trapped in last-gen land, EA’s still got your back come August.

May 30, 2008