Is Madden 09 too noob-friendly?

Casual Player: "Without Rewind, it would take me forever to actually win a game. And Back Track let’s me know how I might want to re-play a down so I can improve my game. It’s like having my own personal Madden coach. Isn't one of those guys on that HBO recap show?"

Hardcore Guy: "Rewind isn’t so bad, especially since I can re-do that one play the game screwed me over on. Perfect season, here I come. Great update to the commentary, too."

Casual Player: "I hated when the screen didn’t show your receivers or let you know if they were covered. And better graphics make a better game, right?"

Hardcore Guy: "Even I disliked the camera, big ups on the new look for passing. I’d still buy the game even if the graphics and animations were same as last year, as long as the new rosters were accurate."