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Is Halo Infinite down? Here's what's going on

halo infinite spartan sniper rifle
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If you’re asking ‘is Halo Infinite down?’ or seeing a "not authorized to play Halo Infinite" message, then one of many things could have gone wrong with the game. Halo Infinite hasn’t fully released yet, but the recent test flights have allowed Xbox Insiders and PC players to test out early multiplayer builds of the game. These flights have been available for only a few days at a time over the weekend, and the multiplayer servers have only ever been enabled for specific time slots. Of course, other server-related issues can also arise due to the sheer popularity of the game, especially as 343 Industries works to iron out any initial problems. Here are several reasons as to why Halo Infinite could be down.

Is Halo Infinite down?

halo infinite test flight error message account not authorized

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

There are lots of reasons that Halo Infinite could be down, and there are likely to be even more issues and error codes that come about when the game fully launches. Be patient and keep an eye on the official Halo and Halo Support Twitter accounts for news and updates on major outages and issues with Halo Infinite and other Halo titles, such as the Master Chief Collection and Halo 5: Guardians.

For now, you might be experiencing some issues with accessing the multiplayer test flights, specifically you’re probably getting an error message that says, “your account is not authorized to play Halo Infinite”. The most recent test flight started on September 23 and ran until September 27 at 10am PT, which means it has unfortunately been and gone. Fear not as the next flight will be starting in just a few days on September 30 and will run until October 3. If you’ve got an Xbox, you’ll be able to play in this flight, regardless of if you’ve signed up and opted into the test flights on Halo Waypoint or not. You just need to install the Xbox Insider Hub app and sign up to be an Xbox Insider. If you do check out the new test flight, make sure you’re up to date on all the new and returning Halo Infinite weapons.

Another likely problem with accessing Halo Infinite test flights is that you might not have signed up properly. Check your account details on Halo Waypoint and any emails regarding any test flights to make sure you have access. If you’re playing on an Xbox, you’ll also need to have the Xbox Insider Hub application installed and be signed up. Conveniently, this app will notify you when any test flights for Halo Infinite go live, so make sure you have the Halo build installed so that you can hop in as soon as it opens.  

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