Is Braid pretentious? Creator Jonathan Blow answers his critics

For a pretty little puzzler that costs less than $15, Braid is shockingly divisive. While many love the time-twisting gameplay, ethereal music and deeply philosophical story, a vocal group of gamers dismiss indie developer Jonathan Blow’s claim to fame as “pretentious.”

Why? Every title has haters, of course, but why has that one word become so strongly associated with criticism of Braid? I recently sat down with Jonathan Blow (interview here) to play his new game The Witness (preview here) and discuss his design philosophy. When asked if Braid was pretentious, here’s how he responded:

Jonathan Blow’s next game, The Witness, will release sometime in 2012. For more thoughts and impressions, read ourhands-on previewnow or ourfull interviewwith Blow later today.

Aug 9, 2011

Charlie Barratt
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