Iron Man VR is coming to PS4 this summer

(Image credit: Camouflaj / Sony / Marvel)

Iron Man VR will fly onto PS4 this July 3, according to the official PlayStation Twitter account

The VR title will drop just in time for Independence Day, a fitting time for Tony Stark to show off his aerial moves. As we previously reported, the game was delayed back in January when its initial February 28 release date was pushed to May 15. With the spread of COVID-19, the game was further delayed with no clear release date - until now.

OPM got a chance to go hands-on and sky-high with Iron Man VR earlier this year, and called it "the perfect match of license and technology." Soaring through the skies as Tony Stark in VR sounds like a ton of fun, and it'll be great to drop those reverse thrusters mid-firefight and soar away from enemies. The dev team at Camouflaj reportedly spent ages making sure you could see Iron Man's full arms, not just the typical floating hands players have gotten used to seeing in VR titles. 

The story in Iron Man VR won't follow any of the Avengers' plotlines from the films or comics - it's an entirely original story whereby Stark has to confront ghosts from his past. It's clearly drawing from the films and comics for inspiration, however, as Stark is often struggling with the consequences of his actions. 

You can finally step into the expensive shoes of Tony Stark in Iron Man VR this July and remember, you'll need a PSVR to play it.

Until then, here's the best VR games to help you get lost in another world. 

Alyssa Mercante

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