Iron Man trailer hits the net!

Jon Favreau is a man of his word. He promised that he’d find a way to get the Iron Man footage that rocked the house at Comic Con officially on to the web, and now he’s managed it through the magic of the film’s first trailer.

So while you might have seen some of this in grainy, tiny YouTube-o-vision, Apple has now shoved a proper high-res version onto the magical Internets for us all to enjoy.

It’s not everything we saw at the Con, but it’s a hefty chunk and lays out the basic story of the movie – arms merchant Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr, in charming top form) is on a visit to Afghanistan when his convoy is attacked and he’s captured. Mortally wounded, he’s saved by a scientist and must construct a suit of armour to escape. Iron Man is born…

It’s already looking like one of the top superhero pics of next year, so go here and enjoy it for yourself…

Source: ( Apple )

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