TLDR: There's a $6k iPhone 11 with an Iron Man embossing on it

(Image credit: Caviar)

Are you a Marvel fan with a spare $6,000 lying around? Well then, do we have the perfect purchase for you. Russian luxury phone company Caviar is currently selling Iron Man and Thor embossed iPhone 11s for as little as $4,930 and as much as $5,860 (depending on the amount of memory you desire).

Yes, a normal iPhone is almost a fifth of the price. And yes, you could get two return tickets to Japan to watch the Rugby World Cup for that amount of dollar. But then you wouldn't have one of these crazily expensive "Superior Collection" iPhones, would you? And you wouldn't be able to brag to your friends that you just spent what's probably the equivalent of their savings on a phone with a superhero on it.

Still, if you have that amount of money to spend, your name if probably Robert Downey Jr. The actor was rumoured to make over $75 million for his participation in both Avengers: Infinity and Avengers: Endgame. And if you've got that much money, what's a $6,000 phone? Peanuts, that's what. 

Caviar describes the Iron Man phone as having a "stylish and modernly elegant design in the tandem of black composite onyx and titanium looks confidently and expressively." 

The website also points out: "By the way, do you know that Tony Stark is one of the richest fictional characters? He belongs to the self-named Forbes rating and takes the 4th place in it; his wealth I estimated at 12.4 billion dollars." Happy buying!

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