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Iron Chef America announced

In the show, contestants are given a special ingredient or theme that’s the basis for 5 dishes they have to cook in 60 minutes. If they can’t finish or their creations taste worse than what the Iron Chef comes up with, they lose.

In Supreme Cuisine, gamers will battle it out in the Iron Chef’s Kitchen Stadium with “fast-paced and intense culinary challenges” making up the core gameplay. Victory leads to a final showdown that determines whose cuisine reigns supreme as the next Iron Chef America. So… it’s like Cooking Mama, but with an audience?

Host and martial arts master Mark Dacascos has been confirmed as voice talent but there’s no word on other celebrity chefs that have graced the show appearing in the game. Hopefully Supreme Cuisine will have more to offer than other spin-offs of Japanese game shows - we’re already awarding points for avoiding Shatner. And they were nice enough to name plug us, too:

Check out the full trailerhere (opens in new tab).

Mar 10, 2008