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Interview with a booth babe

Click the models' names for more info and pics on each of them.

GamesRadar: How did you get into games?

Charisma +2’s Lauren (C+2’s Technical Lead): I first got into gaming at age 5 when my twin brother and I got an NES for our birthday. I have always been very fascinated by video games, and having a twin brother the competitive scene got the best of me.

Above: Lauren insuccubus mode

C+2’s Ash: I did not grow up playing games except for early classic games at my friend’s house, but got hooked from playing Guitar Hero one night at a party. So Rock Band and GH were my gateway into gaming.

Above: Ash pursued by Pac-Man

GR: Besides actually playing games, are you into any of gaming's sub-cultures, like cosplay, machinima, fan art etc?

C+2’s Vera: I have been heavily into cosplay for years and ended have fans all over the world who love my TombRaider, Witchblade, BloodRayne and Heavenly Sword cosplay. I'm also a writer and film maker so I made "BloodRayne, A Fan FIlm" which is about as geeky as you can get.

Above: Vera has a thing for BloodRayne

C+2’s Jenny: I love cosplay. I enjoy going to the conventions like Fanime, Wondercon, Comic Con etc and dressing up as a character. I also do a little bit of modeling on the side. To pass time I enjoy drawing as well. It depends on my mood though.

Above: Jenny's favourite games include Chrono Trigger and Left 4 Dead

GR: How did you get the job with Charisma +2?

C+2’s Angel: At PAX 08, Yvonna was walking past me after doing a TV interview and stopped to ask if I actually played video games. We talked for a while about my favorite games and when I started playing. She told me about her company and gave me a card to apply and - TADA - I’m now a part of Charisma +2 :)

Above: Angel looking beautiful yet deadly

C+2’s Adelle: I met Yvonna in 2007 when we were both in the top 5 finalists in the Miss Video Game competition put on by Titan After months of chatting on forum boards it was wonderful to finally meet her in person and we became friends. After that she approached me and asked if I would like to become a model for her company Charisma +2 and I jumped at the chance.

Above: Look! Adelle has Marvel Super Heroes on Saturn

GR: Did you have to meet certain criteria before you were taken on, like proving your gaming credentials?

C+2’s Kelly: I already had some YouTube videos (GR: check it out - she's kicking it with Bill Gates and Slash) of what I could do on Guitar Hero and some pictures on my MySpace to show I wasn’t just some slob who never got off the couch.

Above: Kelly giving rock and roll to you with Gene Simmons

C+2’s Dana: Yvonna didn’t have to actually have me play anyone at a LAN or online because she already knew me through MLG, where I compete with Team Foxy.

Above: Dana listening to your favourite band