Insomniac go multiplatform, to work with EA

In a video cast to the fans, CEO of Insomniac Ted Pricetells us that the developer is working on a "brand new franchise and new universe not only for the PS3, but also for the 360."

Price goes on on to explain the new publishing partner for the game will be EA.

But what about the Sony relationship? Ratchet & Clank? Resistance? Don't worry, Price says, "Our dedication to Ratchet & Clank, Resistance and Sony remains as strong as ever. We will continue to work with Sony on games."

Price concludes his message by revealing that more info on the game will be forthcoming in the next couple of months - so that makes EA's E3 press conference just a bit more exciting.

Anyone care to guess what it might be? Let us know below...

May 25 2010

I hate the 267.