Innocent pick-up truck dies horribly 17 times over to demonstrate CryEngine 3 - but it was totally worth it

CryEngine 3 can do car crashes. Ridiculously well. The team behind PC vehicular physics sandbox Rigs of Rods has released this video of CryEngine 3 running their 'soft physics' engine with stupidly good results. Wing mirrors can be knocked off, dangling off the side of the vehicle before being severed completely by a jutting wall. Panels buckle and flex, tyres burst and suspension bounces.

In short, it's everything that DiRT Showdown should have been and, for once, makes the EGO engine's crash effects look just a little bit old. To cap it off, this demo is reportedly running at 100 frames per second. This is the future, folks - imagine this being applied to a game like GTA. Or Burnout.

But wait - haven't we seen all this potential before? Look at this 2004 Microsoft XNA demo that appeared to herald the arrival of mega crashes on what would become Xbox 360 technology. That was eight years ago.

In that time, we've had Burnout Paradise and Race Driver GRID, sure, but we're still waiting for this level of detail in our gaming prangs. The quest for the perfect car crash continues...

Source: Kotaku

Justin Towell

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