Infinity Blade trailer makes our fingers feel epic

Mobile gaming may still be far away from eclipsing consoles in terms of raw power, but judging by this eye-popping debut trailer for Infinity Blade, that gap between iPhone and “at home” is being hacked away at a brutal pace...

Developed by Chair Entertainment, a subsidiary of Epic Games, Infinity Blade places gamers in pursuit of the omnipotent 'God-King' and looks to offer many of the trappings of a triple-A action-RPG complete with skill sets and leveling systems. As evidenced by the trailer, the game will all take place within one giant castle wherein gamers will engage in swipe-based combat with a punishing army of shiny, demonic fiends.

Infinity Blade is the first iOS game to be powered by Unreal Engine 3 and will be supported with additional multiplayer features following its (tentative) release this holiday season.

If you wish to become friends with Infinity Blade before that (and score some possible freebies), tap on over to thegame's official Facebook page.

Nov 5, 2010


Mobile games no longer looking so “mobile”

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