Infinite Warfare's multiplayer video reveals rigs, gun crafting and... a titan?

Call of Duty's XP event happened over the weekend and with it all Infinite Warfare's multiplayer secrets have arrived. Well, most of them anyway. Check out the video above for a run through of all the key points, and there's a breakdown coming up for three of the most interesting new bits. 

Rigs are Infinite Warfare's classes

Rigs are Infinite Warfare's new class system, via 6 characters with three load-out options and three traits (sort of permanent perks). That gives you 50 combinations to play with, based on these archetypes: 

  • Warfighter - mid range assault.
  • Stryker - tactical support.
  • Phantom - marksman.
  • Merc - heavy infantry.
  • Synaptic - close quarters combat.
  • FTL - fast paced assassin.

So the Warfighter class includes options like the Claw, a rapid fire weapon with spread out ricochet rounds to clear areas and deal with corners. It also has a trait called Persistence where score streaks no longer reset on death but take more points to achieve.

The Merc is more of a tank with a Bull Charge that uses a riot shield to smash past enemies, and an Infusion trait to regenerate health faster. Then there's the the FTL class which is a fast hitter with the Eraser, an energy- based handgun that incinerates enemies and a Power Slide trait that lets you skid into battle while aiming down the sights. 

Infinite Warfare weapon crafting lets you make your own guns

As well as the set guns, each weapon (including secondary weapons) has four crafting levels you can create via salvage collected as you play. 

These levels give different gun perks with an example given using the EBR-800 hybrid sniper rifle:

  • Common - Stockpile perk adds increased ammo.
  • Rare - Jackpot perk adds 10% additional score, Readiness lets you reload faster.
  • Legendary - Atomiser Strike perk gives you a tactical nuke after a 25 kill streak.
  • Epic version - Hunter Killer perk highlights low health enemies.

R-C8 is Infinite Warfare's titan

Obviously Infinite Warfare's all about the future tech - things like walking tracker mines or insta-kill bio spikes. However the R-C8 is basically a titan. Call it in and you can either pilot it (remotely) or set it on sentry mode for back up. 

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