16 covers (and counting) from Inferno #1, Jonathan Hickman's X-Men finale

Inferno #1 variant cover
Inferno #1 variant cover (Image credit: Shannon Maer (Marvel Comics))

Two years after the bold dawn of a new era for X-Men with House of X and Powers of X, writer Jonathan Hickman is setting a fire to it all with the upcoming event series Inferno. Debuting September 29 with Inferno #1 (of 4), this will make the end of Hickman's time on the X-Men and he's choosing to end it all with Mystique putting the mutant hierarchy's feet to the fire over broken promises.

Check out this trailer:

Former SWORD artist Valerio Schiti is drawing Inferno #1, to be followed by some of the X-Men line's top artists including Stefano Caselli (Inferno #2), and RB Silva (Inferno #3). Schiti will then return for the December finale. 

Check out this preview of Inferno #1 by Hickman and Schiti:

Inferno has been smoldering since Hickman's X-Men era began, with the mutant precog Destiny being one of the few mutants barred from resurrection using the race's combined powers. Her wife, Mystique, has repeatedly appealed to Professor X and Magneto to bring her back but has been strung along with hopes in exchange for doing some dirty work that the mutant leaders didn't see fit to share with others on the mutant island of Krakoa.

But Destiny, even in death, saw this coming - remember, she's a precog. Back when she was living, she spoke with Mystique about this potential scenario and asked her wife to burn the X-Men to the ground if they block her from coming back to life.

And now, in Inferno, Mystique will try.

Described as a "day of reckoning" for mutantkind's leaders by Marvel, Inferno comes just after the X-Men: The Trial of Magneto limited series began, with Magneto the prime suspect in the murder of the Scarlet Witch.

Inferno #1's main cover is by Jerome OPena, with variants by Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau (two versions), Carmen Carnero, Mark Brooks, Jeff Dekal, Oscar Vega, Peach Momoko, RB Silva, Greg Capullo (a 'hidden gem' variant), David Nakayama (two versions), Mico Suayan (two versions), and Shannon Maer (two versions for Comic Mint). Check them out here:

Inferno #1 (of 4) goes on sale on September 29. A collection of all four Inferno issues is scheduled for February 22, 2022.

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