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InFamous 2 gets a release date and a special edition

For a while there, we were starting to wonder if InFamous 2 –the sequel to developer Sucker Punch's ambitious 2009 superhero/villain sandbox game –was actually going to come out this year, what with the storm of other high-profile titles Sony's been readying for launch. It looks like our fears were baseless, though, because Sony today announced that InFamous 2 will hit stores on June 7, bringing a hefty special-edition release along with it.

Retailing for $99.99, the "Hero Edition" comes with a Cole statue, a replica of his messenger bag, a DC minicomic and a soundtrack that features the work of drummer Bryan "Brain" Mantia and New Orleans funk/jazz band Galactic. Preorder bonuses have been announced as well, including a Lightning Hook power that can yank stuff in Cole's direction (GameStop), a gold version of Cole's Amp weapon (Amazon), a Kessler skin that lets fans play as the first game's villain (Best Buy) and an Electrocution Grenade power that can immobilize enemies (Walmart). All four bonuses, however, are included in a "Super Voucher" that comes with the Hero Edition, meaning that so long as you're inclined to spend a little more, you can shop wherever the hell you please and still get everything.

While weweren't as impressedby the first game assome of our colleagues, it nonetheless had a lot of potential to be great –and what we've seen and played of InFamous 2 so far seems to live up to that potential. That we now know exactly when we can expect to find out for sure only makes us more excited for it.

Feb 18, 2011

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