Indie Megabooth trailer shows off the 30+ indies of PAX 2012

Alone they would be the tiny, lonely booths in the dark corners of the convention hall that nobody visited. However, with their powers combined they form the PAX Indie Megabooth, a collaboration between thirty independent developers working toward the cause of increasing their visibility, and not getting drowned out behind the massive Firefall "booth" (read: it's more like a stadium, really.)

The developers on hand this year include a number of big names in the indie scene as well as some newer initiates. Octodad's Young Horses will be showing Octodad: Dadliest Catch. Gaijin Games will be showing Runner2, and a number of others like Airmech, Steambirds 2, and Yata will be on hand as well. Check out the video for a more full introduction, or head over to the site for the full list.

Andrew Groen

Andrew is a freelance video game journalist, writing for sites like Wired and GamesRadar. Andrew has also written a book called EMPIRES OF EVE: A History of the Great Wars of EVE Online.