Indie game Afterfall: InSanity will be $1 if pre-orders reach 10 million, charity to win either way

Afterfall: Insanity developer Nicolas Entertainment Group (NEG) has launched a pre-order promotion that will either end in a major payday for the indie studio, a sizeable donation to charity, or – in the best case scenario - both. This week, the studio announced it will sell its upcoming survivor horror title for just $1 and give 10% of its revenues to charity if pre-order numbers reach 10 million by November 24. If not, NEG has pledged to donate all of the money raised to charity, and offer anyone who participated in the promotion one dollar off the game's regular price ($33.90) when it ships next month.

Got all that? Learn the hows and whys of this unique indie marketing strategy from NEG itself:

Afterfall: InSanity is being pitched as the first game in the Afterfall universe, and is being developed alongside by NEG's recently acquired Intoxicate Studios. In it, players will take on the persona of a post-World War III medical professional who must save his shelter from unspeakable horrors. Check out latest trailer below:

10 million preorders is an ambitious target, but even if NEG falls short of its goals, the studio will have still done a great civic duty and drummed up attention for a lesser known title that may have otherwise gone unnoticed during one of the most packed release months in recent memory.

At time of print, over 15,000 people have signed up to give the title a try. And while that's only 0.0015% of what NEG hopes to achieve, at least that money will be going to a good cause one way or another when Afterfall: InSanity launches for PC on November 25.

Oct 11, 2011

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