Inafune's first Vita game will have you pulling your own spine out through your teeth - teaser trailer inside

Keiji Inafune, creator of the Mega Man series and Dead Rising among others, has been hard at work on his first game for PlayStation Vita - which has turned out to be Sony's 'true fantasy' game, Soul Sacrifice that's been mentioned in hushed tones for a while now. But despite Dead Rising, we definitely didn't expect the premise of his new game to be quite so... macabre. Check out the first teaser trailer then we'll tell you about the twist...

Soul Sacrifice sees you playing as a wizard who has been enslaved by an evil magician. You can cast spells by 'sacrificing' various items that you find along the way. However, if you want to make the really big spells, you'll need to sacrifice more than just items.

For instance, you can perform the 'Excalibur' move by reaching into your mouth, grabbing your spine, then pulling it out and whipping people with it. Physically impossible, of course (you need your spine to use your arms, fact fans), but this is a magician we're talking about - and they can do anything. And he probably puts it back in again when he's done.

Above: Enemies are said to be former wizards who did one too many bad spells

But that's not all. You can also pull out your eyes to shoot lasers in a spell named 'Gorgon', or cut off your fingers and attack enemies with the bloody stumps in a move called 'Gleipnir'. Suffice to say it's likely to come with a pretty massive disclaimer screen at the start, but that's equally likely to be followed by a very entertaining video game - and one that's currently Vita-exclusive.

Inafune isn't making it on his own - Harvest Moon developer Marvelous AQ is on development duties. According to Japanese gaming mag Famitsu, Soul Sacrifice is around 50% complete, but it's also being officially revealed tomorrow (May 10), so we should have loads more details very shortly.

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