Iceman just survived the same weapon that nearly killed him at the Hellfire Gala in the weirdest way possible

Astonishing Iceman #3
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Astonishing Iceman has been one of the biggest bright spots in the recent X-Men line thanks to its engaging pacing, sleek art, and interesting concept for Bobby Drake's resurrection after the Hellfire Gala. And in Astonishing Iceman #3, things take a turn for the wacky and weird as Bobby figures out a way to beat the same Orchis tactic that destroyed his body at the Hellfire Gala.

And when I say "beat," I mean that literally, in a way you won't see coming.

Spoilers ahead for Astonishing Iceman #3

Astonishing Iceman #3 by writer Steve Orlando, artist Vincenzo Carratù, colorist Java Tartaglia, and letterer Travis Lanham opens with Iceman helping Aaron Fischer stop an assassin named Mister Clean from killing several young mutants.

Mister Clean, whose skin is biochemically treated to prevent him from freezing under Iceman's powers, manages to tag Bobby with a dose of the same "molecular napalm" that melted him at the Hellfire Gala.

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By the way, the quick TLDR on how Iceman came back is that after he was melted by Orchis, his consciousness remained intact in the moisture in the atmosphere. Sensing his presence, Bobby's lover Romeo, the mutant empath, was able to pull Bobby back together again. However, Bobby can only leave he and Romeo's Antarctic home for a few minutes at a time before he risks evaporating again - though he's getting better at holding himself together.

And that brings us up to speed, as Bobby once again faces the same fate that all but killed him at the Hellfire Gala. However, this time, he has a plan - and it's quite a doozy.

Since Bobby's form is entirely made of ice, he's able to break off his own leg as it melts, preventing the molecular napalm from spreading through his entire body. And what's more, he flat out beats Mister Clean on the head with his own freakin' leg, before growing back a new ice limb.

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How's that for Omega level mutant powers?

Astonishing Iceman #4 goes on sale November 15, featuring a team up with Bobby Drake's "Amazing Friend," Spider-Man.

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