Iain McCaig talks designing Star Wars' Darth Maul

This month, Imagine FX are running an interview with Iain McCaig in their Star Wars ‘Making the Prequels' feature, part of a massive 'The Art Of Star Wars ' special.

McCaig, who designed Darth Maul and many of the film's characters, including Padme and Anakin, appears among other leading artists from the second trilogy (such as Feng Zhu, Terryl Whitlatch and Warren Fu), and also has a workshop in the issue where he shows how to paint Darth Maul.

The Star Wars artist said of his work:

"I was thinking about what might make someone a Sith Lord, and it seemed that pain would be a fine meditation. So in my drawing I had Maul bind his head with razorwire interspersed with black feathers, an excruciating ritualistic device to centre his Dark side energy."

"The markings are also meant to be reminiscent of what you’d see if you were to flay the flesh from a face to reveal the muscle patterns underneath."

The issue also features a new Star Wars droid design in the workshop section, new Pod Racer art from Terryl, as well as an interview with Ralph McQuarrie who designed the look of the original Star Wars trilogy.

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