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"I was promised Mel f-ing Gibson" – Twitter reacts to the new Suicide Squad 2 director in a calm, reasonable fashion

With David Ayer off directing Gotham City Sirens, Suicide Squad 2 needs someone to step into the breach for its own unique brand of wackiness: Say hello to The Accountant director Gavin O’Connor. 

Having cut his teeth on critically-acclaimed movies Warrior and, back in 1999, Tumbleweeds, as well as Pride and Glory, O’Connor is moving up to the superhero big-leagues. He’s sure to bring with him his own brand of intense, visceral style and, hey, he’s worked with Ben Affleck before too. Get your tin foil hats on.

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Not only is O’Connor on board to helm the Suicide Squad sequel, Variety is reporting that he’s also slated to write the project, having also penned Warrior back in 2011. The internet, though, are a fickle bunch – so what have they made of the news? Do they even know who he is? And will the movie be any good? (Answers: Positively, kinda, and who knows!)

Here are the best reactions to the new Suicide Squad 2 director…

Wait, who?

Director's chair today, gone tomorrow


Some are excited...

Others are (wisely) tempering expectations

Poor Gavin. Ouch.

And, finally: a Mel Gibson reference. Because reasons.

Image: Warner Bros.

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