"I have no idea how he’s going to make it work": Hideo Kojima showed off Death Stranding to CHVRCHES

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At this point, it feels like everyone and their mother has got a VIP preview of Death Stranding from noted creator Hideo Kojima himself. The man behind Metal Gear has shown off his mysterious new PS4 exclusive to Jordan Vogt-Roberts, Guerrilla Games, the creative directors of The Division 2, and Grimes. Yes, Grimes, of all people.

And you can add Scottish indietronica band CHVRCHES to that list, too, as the trio of musicians recently visited Kojima Productions in Tokyo, Japan, to check out Death Stranding for themselves. Both artists have previously expressed mutual admiration for the work of one another, so it's no surprise that a meet-up was in store, but a recent interview with CHVRCHES' Ian Cook gives us another indirect insight into what the game is all about. 

Describing his trip to Kojima Productions to consolevania.com, Cook admits he "could have spent all day" in the studio, and goes on to explain what he saw of Death Stranding itself. "He’s such an inspiration though", continues Cook, "so brave and thinks like no one else. Some of the shit he is doing with the new game is unlike anything I have seen anyone else do. I have no idea how he’s going to make it work but I am confident that if anyone can do it, Kojima can." 

That quote, however vague, certainly falls in line with what we've heard about Death Stranding already, which aims to be one of the most ambitious interactive projects of all time, and may or may not even be connected to Kojima's cancelled Silent Hills game. Cook didn't share anything more, but praised the auteur himself for being "very cool and  easy to talk to." N'awh. 

It's anyone's guess as to when the rest of us will get to see Death Stranding again as, last we heard, the game is "slightly" behind schedule. Still, I'm definitely not bitter about the fact that Kojima's still acting so cryptically when asked about the game in public, but is more than happy to give his best buddies an extended demo without so much as a pretty please. Nope, not bitter at all.  

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