I Got Next: Come talk to Jason Vorhees himself as we play Friday the 13th

Slasher movies took a weird, delightful turn in the 1980s. While Michael Myers silently scared the crap out of everyone in the '70s, his successor Jason Vorhees evolved into something else entirely. Scary? Certainly, but also hilarious. Friday the 13th was the only series where the audience actively waited to see the bad guy creatively mangle someone while also waiting for him to randomly kick a boombox. That mix of horror and absurd comedy is precisely what makes the premise Friday the 13th: The Game so promising. With just days to go in the game's Kickstarter campaign , co-creator Ronnie Hobbs and Kane Hodder, Jason Vorhees himself, are joining us on I Got Next. We're going to talk about the game, Jason's enduring appeal, all while we revisit the original Friday the 13th game. It all starts at 3:30PM ET/12:30PM PT on Twitch.

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