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"I don’t know WTF just happened" – The Walking Dead season 8 premiere had people scratching their heads

The Walking Dead season 8 certainly kicked off with a bang. There were explosions a-plenty in the season premiere, a few interesting teases, and more zombies than you can shake Morgan’s stick at. Of course, this left the internet doing what it does best: ranting and raving. Did they enjoy it? And what did they make of that Rick scene? Read on to find out… Spoilers for The Walking Dead season 8 premiere

There’s only one place we can start. Old. Man. Rick. Oh, and Weird Al for some reason.

Old Man Rick

If seeing Old Man Rick listen to Weird Al wasn’t enough elder abuse for you, the leader of the Hilltop, Gregory, also got thrown down some stairs – and proved what a coward he was.

Run, Gregory, run

Oh, and now Gabriel is with Negan. Praying might not be enough… If only Rick was a better shot.

Our father, who art with Negan

There was even time for a big death. That’s right, one of the original cast members has gone to the great parking lot in the sky.


In fact, there was so much going on that it left people a bit befuddled. Not least of all why Rick took a photo of Negan, and where he got that camera from.


But, don’t worry, there was some d’aww moments to keep us all warm and fuzzy inside. And that was just Tara eating Twizzlers.

The gang is back

Not only did Old Man Rick hint at a time jump (or something else entirely), Judith is now a little bit older, and Maggie still isn’t showing signs of her baby bump. Time is a flat circle. Or something.

Oh, baby, baby it's a wild world

But what was the internet’s overall opinion of the episode?

The Walking Dead season 8 premiere: yay or nay?

Basically, a lot of questions, and a whole lot of memes. No memes here, but there are 9 questions we have after watching The Walking Dead season 8 premiere.

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