I Am Alive - Launch trailer offers grim odds of survival (and a free iOS app)

Having done its well-documented time in development hell, Ubisoft's I Am Alive is almost ready to download – and with this launch trailer, the company wants to challenge your survival instincts. Rage or Fallout this ain't: in our review, we praised the game's good use of an untrained, underpowered protagonist, elements which the trailer plays up as well.

Alongside the game's release tomorrow, you'll also get free access to Ubisoft's I Am Alive Companion app. In the vein of unofficial helper apps like Oblivion's Dragon Shout, the Companion provides maps, a resource guide and gameplay hints – but, being an official Ubi product, there's also extras like concept art, behind-the-scenes videos and an OST including exclusive tracks. The app's a free download, available today; I Am Alive launches tomorrow, and our review's up now.